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About Us

Bitwise is a company dedicated to information management. We provide consulting, analysis, design and software solutions development services for multiple purposes.

Distributed and collaborative work teams, in constant communication and always ready to adapt to changes. Everyone going after the same objective: to apply technology to facilitate and improve the exercise of any type of process.

Diverse business portfolio

Our solutions do not focus on any area, we work with companies that are dedicated to various activities.

Professional image

We coordinate professionals, trained and specialized in information management.

Verifiable performance

The result of our work is evident and measurable in each product we develop.

Consulting, direction and management of software projects

In the age of technology, people and businesses must respond to new needs. We can solve your queries, propose solutions and we have the capacity to carry them out.

We are aware of the news and constantly updated, that is why we always solve the problems in the best way, with the latest technologies.

Analysis, design and software applications development

Our teams have extensive experience in analysis and management of computer systems requirements, which forms the basis for the successful performance of a project or solution.

Our applications have modern appearance and high quality, adaptable to all types of screens and devices. We are conscious that in the management of information changes are constant and we work so that our designs can evolve easily.

Our development teams are in constant communication and use management tools to coordinate and take forward the construction of fast and robust solutions.


If your business needs assistance in any of the following sections, do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer outsourcing services for companies. We form complementary teams and train them to adapt quickly to the different methodologies and work environments of each client.

Analysis, design and software development

We analyze and understand perfectly the computer requirements of business in these times. We design and build applications that cover the needs and evolve along with the technology.

Consulting and advice

We answer queries and propose the best alternatives to cover the technological needs of the communication age. Always trusting in our teams of professionals.

¿Why choose us?

We highlight some points in which we work day by day.


At all times we look for provide quality improvements to our products and services.

We are certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Standard


We follow strictly our work rules to guarantee the success of the projects.

In the next section you will find our Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Bitwise has highly trained human resources on information technologies and communication. Turn to them to create a business from the provision of services of IT Staffing.

We are conscious that in software industry the raw material is the unvaluable knowledge and the wide experience of professionals, so we bet on continuous training and offer an optimal work environment as well as the best opportunities for the growth of each person.

Seeking to satisfy the expectations of our clients and the applicable requirements, we carry out communication activities and constant coordination. The bases of our teams are professionalism, responsibility and flexibility.

To respond swiftly to the needs of our clients, we insert ourselves into their structure, adopt their processes as our own and adapt to their methodologies quickly.

It is a constant in our work to seek continuous improvement in the services we provide and to comply with the requirements of the quality management system, according to ISO 9001 to guarantee the success of the projects.

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